Conscious Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a very gentle practice allowing you to be in touch with your changing body and your baby. While breathing consciously, you become aware of the subtility that the life inside offers you. This awareness is the first step to accept and embody the huge body-mind-spirit transformation that comes along with pregnancy.

You are already a mother! While the bodily changes can be daunting, pregnancy yoga offers beautiful tools to settle into your new state of being and to prepare for birthing.

We breathe in positive energy and breathe out anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. Fresh energy travels all over your body and touches upon your baby. I love teaching a pregnancy yoga class. It deeply moves me to feel moms and babies souls’ presence in the room.

pregnancy yoga bangkok
prenatal yoga bangkok


Pregnancy yoga is a moment away from the busy life and helps you prepare you for birthing and beyond. The gently stretches and dynamic postures build up nervous, glandular and muscular strength and allow you to cope with increased blood volume and the changing hormone levels. The relaxation feels like a safe harbour for you and your baby, while the meditation allows you to touch upon your soul and baby’s soul. Gratitude and love emerge from the dept of your heart and you feel embraced. A prenatal yoga class is a moment of pure bliss.


First there’s a short introduction on a topic e.g. pelvic floor muscles, prepare for breastfeeding, importance of relaxation. Than we practice conscious breathing, warm up, dynamic postures and finish with relaxation and meditation.

You meet other pregnant moms and this is a great opportunity to connect in a huge city like Bangkok.

WHAT TO WEAR: Dress code is a T-shirt and short/long pants or yoga clothes.



Prenatal Kundalini Yoga

Cost: 60 Euro/1 hour for private class.

Where: private only in your house




Q: Do I have to be flexible? No not really, flexibility will come.

Q: Do I need experience in yoga? No previous experience is needed.

Q: How long does it take to see benefits? Immediate results: better breathing, more body consciousness, more relaxed state of being, easier coping with stress, more energy, sisterhood with other moms.

Q: How many yoga sessions may I need? A weekly class is good, more is even better.