Pregnancy Doula

Are you pregnant? Congratulations!!!! I like to support you and your partner at best to prepare for motherhood/parenthood. Give me a call to celebrate your motherhood together!

Being pregnant in Bangkok, away from your friends and family, might be a bit overwhelming. Pregnancy is 9 months intense changes and personal transformation. You will give birth to a baby and to yourself with a new identity as MOTHER. That is HUGE!

During the 1h30 Intake Session (in your home or a place to decide together), I answer all your questions related to pregnancy and birth in Bangkok. Prior to this session, I email you a Prenatal Questionnaire helping you to formulate your thoughts. 

pregnancy doula bangkok


Worrying about what to eat and your lifestyle? Check in for an ayurvedic food and lifestyle consult. We look together at what foods are best for your specific body-mind type and how you can develop a daily routine that supports best your lifestyle, but also specific to pregnancy.

Consider yoga to support your changing body. By the end of the first trimester, around 14 weeks, you might join a prenatal floor yoga class and/or prenatal water yoga class. It is an ideal practice to soothe your transforming body and mind and to be in relax mode.

Prepare for childbirth. In the child birth education classes you and your partner get all the info about your changing body and mind in pregnancy, the birth plan, your trip to labour land, your options for giving birth, the postpartum plan and the support for you and your baby during the first 42 days after birth with traditional postpartum care. This class is informative.

Or you might be interested in a hypnobirthing class for you and your partner. You both explore your fears and anxieties and learn tools to transform the imprints in your subconscious mind into a positive or neutral mindset. The benefits of this class go far beyond the birth of your child. While your baby grows up, you will enjoy a more conscious approach to parenthood thanks to the techniques you learned in hypnobirthing.

You like massage and bodywork in your home? There is nothing better than a prenatal oil massage to relax and let go of the tension.

If you have nervous and muscular tensions or some parts in your body are screaming for help, then a craniosacral therapy session will help you to reset your nervous system, getting out of the stress mode into the relax mode.

Create a new moms village. Connecting with other moms, bond in sisterhood... so important to avoid feelings of loneliness. Therefor I run The Monthly Birth Prep Workshop for Moms and The Monthly Birth Prep Workshop for Couples, each month with a new theme.

Please find the dates on my Face Book page.

All sessions take place in Bangkok in in Sathorn soi 1.

My holistic approach will help you to fall in love with the birth of your baby and yourself as a new mom. Enjoy these sacred 9 months with your baby inside!