Post Partum Support

My full support for you, baby and partner:  welcoming, honouring, nurturing, nourishing, celebrating motherhood and new life!

Once you have given birth, more attention goes to the baby and less to you. However as a new mom, you need to be mothered yourself and I like to do this as a postnatal doula by offering you emotional support/counselling, postnatal yoga, massage and herbal steam. I also introduce you to baby massage, baby yoga and baby swimming.

postnatal doula bangkok
postnatal doula bangkok
postnatal doula bangkok
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During the intake session we explore your birthing experience. Was the birth and passage into motherhood an ec-static or a traumatic experience? Whatever it might be, it is stored in your subconscious mind and defines the relation with your baby, your partner and ultimately with yourself. You have given birth to a baby while you gave birth to yourself as a mother!

  • 1 We learn how to breathe again from the belly and close the body, and do some basic postnatal yoga postures with the baby.
  • 2 We talk about baby’s feedings, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, family planning, signs of postpartum depression, your changing body lines/shape, changing relationship with your partner and the environment. If the visit is in your house, we look at baby’s crib and how to optimal position it close to your bed.
  • 3 I show you how to do Shantala baby massage and safely bathe your baby so that it translates into baby wellness instead of a moment of stress
  • 4 I introduce you to Thai traditional postpartum care, postnatal massage and herbal steam tent, an ideal way to release toxins, get back into shape and lose weight. Postpartum traditions are very present in the SE Asian cultures. They bring back warmth to the body which was lost as birth, expel too much of the wind element which created birth and are very nurturing for mother and baby. Nourishing foods allow moms metabolism to catch up after pregnancy and giving birth, prevent postpartum depletion, support the breastfeeding and bring back strength to the mom.
  • 5 A craniosacral therapy session is highly recommended after birth together with your baby so you can both benefit.
  • 6 After few weeks/months, you can decide whether you like to join the classes of postnatal yoga with baby massage, baby yoga or baby swimming.



Please call me for package prices

  • Holistic mom and baby wellness, First time home visit
  • Holistic mom and baby wellness, Follow up visits
  • YUU Fai, Thai traditional postpartum care for mom
  • Bengkung Bellybind: 20 Euro for the bind
  • Closing the Bones Ritual: 160 Euro
  • Baby Wellness
  • Baby swimming (baby from 1 month up to 6 months)

An invoice for your insurance can be issued.

POSTPARTUM WELLNESS FOR MOM AND BABY--including WhatsApp support by sms/call

 Holistic mom and baby wellness, First time home visit

  • MOM: recall labour/birth story, food intake & lifestyle check, womb check, breast/nipple care, breastfeeding position/latch, full body massage or craniosacral therapy, belly breathing, positions for core healing, benkung belly binding (on request, includes purchasing a belly bind of  20 Euro)
  • BABY: Shantala massage (with handout), bath, cord care, breastfeeding latch, baby wearing in sling/wrap.

Holistic mom and baby wellness, Follow up visits

YUU Fai, Thai traditional postpartum care for mom

A 3 to 4 hours session including footbath with Epsom salt, body warm oil message, body herbal scrub, hot herbal pouches, herbal steam tent. I bring the steam tent, chair, induction stove, cooking pot, fresh and dried herb/roots. The tent and herbs stay with you for the time of the treatment so you can do it yourself in between days of visits.

Bengkung Bellybind

Bengkung belly binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum women's belly for physical & emotional support and to help hasten the recovery process after childbirth.  This belly binding technique uses a 16 yards/15 meter long strip of light cotton cloth to wrap around the abdomen starting at the hips up to the ribcage.

New Mom Closing the Bones Ritual

This can be done anytime from 1 month onwards to even 1 year later. It is a beautiful ritual celebrating the new mother while closing her body with pieces of cloth. It has a deep emotional and healing impact.

Includes body oil massage and the ritual itself followed by tea and/or sharing snacks with partner only or with friends/family, takes 3-4 hours.

Baby Wellness

Shantala baby massage, bath, cord care, craniosacral therapy, breastfeeding positions for day & night, baby wearing positions in sling/wrap.

Baby swimming (baby from 1 month up to 6 months)