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HORMONE SUPPORT Are you tired? Lack of energy? Feeling drained? Or stressed out, burned out or spiked up? If hormonal imbalances are disrupting your lifestyle, you might benefit from hormone yoga therapy for men. It is very helpful for stress management, fertility issues and andropause. I also offer specific hormone yoga for people with diabetes/pre-diabetes.

YOGA If you are looking for yoga benefitting the nervous and endocrine system on a deep level- integrating body, mind and soul- than you might join a Kundalini yoga class.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Much relief can be felt during a craniosacral session, your body will reset itself into the relax mode, out of the stress mode restoring nervous balance. This is deeply healing at cellular level.

ABDOMINAL MAYA MASSAGE This therapy originates in Chi Nei Tsang, a holistic approach to the healing touch modality with old Taoist Chinese origins. CNT integrates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Maya massage is a combination of Thai and Chinese traditional massage to release emotional/muscle/fascia tension around the navel area and its organs and allows deep cleansing of the small and big intestines.

Maya massage allows to clear out toxins through the skin and release negative emotions held in the organs. By opening the wind gates around the navel, circulation is increased and toxins can release. Abdominal massage involves deep, soft and gentle touches to train the organs to work more efficiently. see more details here: massage

AYURVEDA Are you looking for an in dept cure for imbalances such as digestive problems, sleep or emotional issues, than you might consider a ayurvedic food and lifestyle consult.


Preparing your body to conceive? Increase the quality of the sperm? Liver and gallbladder cleansing followed by colon irrigation is the best way to get rid of long stored toxins. Let’s meet for the Ayurvedic food and lifestyle consult.

PREPARE FOR BABY Or maybe your partner is pregnant? Congratulations! It is a demanding time for you to adjust to the new situation. You will greatly benefit from a hypnobirthing class as you get insight in your eventual anxieties and uncertainties and learn how to transform them to be more confident. If you would like to know more about the birth options in Bangkok, then my childbirth education class will answer to your questions. Or I can be your doula at birth!

NEW DAD? Congratulations! It is time of great changes! Your partner is now a mother and you are a father. There is so much you can do to bond with your baby in a fun way. Try the baby massage, baby yoga and baby swimming. These fun activities help you find a new equilibrium in your changing family situation.