Hormone Yoga Therapy

Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is a holistic technique developed by Brazilian Dinah Rodrigues, consisting of a series of exercises combined with strong breathing techniques and circulation of energy. Hormone Yoga Therapy (re)activates the hormone production and consequently eliminates stress and the symptoms of too low/too high hormone levels. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms:  sleep disorder, skin problems, depression, low energy, low sex drive, weight gain, emotional disorders such as excessive fear/ panic/anger, high stress levels, lack of concentration, infertility, mebstrual issues, menopause/ andropause symptoms, carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, knee problems; than you might question your hormonal balance. This goes for women and men!

You're considering medication? You might try this natural method first.

Dinah developed a series of exercises for women, a series for men and a series for people with diabetes. I trained with her in 2017 for the 3 different series and I am delighted to bring this natural therapy to you. I practice the series few times a week and surely can feel the benefits: at 63 and post-menopause, I feel very strong emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. There were times when it was not like that, in the beginning of menopause when I was advised to take hormone replacement pills. Luckily I experience now overall health while practicing HYT and living a healthy balanced lifestyle eating food as medecine and using pure essential oils.

Please check Dinah’s website for more info: www.dinahrodrigues.com.br

Hormone Yoga Therapy Bangkok
Hormone Yoga Therapy Bangkok
Hormone Yoga Therapy Bangkok


The series takes 30 minutes: starting with 7 warm up exercises with bhastrika breathing. This creates a massage of the organs in the belly. Then the dynamic postures with bhastrika breathing and circulation of energy to the glands, can be ovaries/testes, thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenals, pancreas. We finish with yoga nidra (relaxation) and cleaning of the energy channels in arms, legs and spine. A handout is provided to practice at home.

The series can be learned during a 2 half day workshop or during weekly 1 hour lessons. Practicing the series 3 to 4 times a week will help your body to find a new hormonal balance and overall health, without medication.

HORMONE YOGA THERAPY is beneficial for:



  • 1 All women after 35 as production of oestrogens and progesterone starts decreasing.
  • 2 Teenagers with hormonal problems.
  • 3 Women with fertility issues.
  • 4 Women with polycystic ovaries, ovarian cyst, excess of menstrual bleeding, lack of menstruation, painful menstruation, carpel tunnel syndrome, low libido, high stress levels.
  • 5 Women in menopause with or without symptoms.
  • 6 Contra indications of HYT are pregnancy, hormone dependant breast cancer and advanced endometriosis.
  • 7 Women with removed uterus and/or ovaries can benefit from HYT.


  • 1 All men with low hormones levels but surely all men after 40 because testosterone starts decreasing.
  • 2 Anti-stress.
  • 3 Andropauze and its symptoms: low sex drive, difficulties getting erections or weak erections, lack of energy, depression, irritability, loss of strength or muscle mass, weight gain.
  • 4 There are no contraindications.


  • 1 Persons with diabetes type I and type II. The exercises target the pancreas, liver and spleen and help control the glycemic levels in the blood.
  • 2 Preventively for persons who have genetic predisposition for diabetes.
  • 3 Persons who have pre-diabetes.
  • 4 Contraindications are proliferative neuropathy and glaucoma.


The yoga targets specific hormonal glands namely the pituitary gland, the thyroid, the adrenals and the gonads (ovaries and testes). Those glands work closely together in a circuit. If one gland produces too much or too little of any given hormones, the others will produce more or less as well. Eventually the whole circuit system gets unbalanced and creates the symptoms mentioned above.

The breathing and dynamic postures massage the inner organs and the glands, while the circulation of energy helps to visualize the glands.

Hormone Yoga Therapy Bangkok


A private workshop is 6 hours (2x3 hours) in your home or ZOOM ONLINE. Let me send you the details!

For live and online group classes online, please see the calendar events page.





Q: Do I have to be flexible? Everybody can learn the series, no need to be very flexible, flexibility will come gradually. No former yoga experience is required.

Q: What should I wear? Loose light clothing

Q: How long to see benefits? A regular practice of 3 to 4 times a week is required to wake up the glands. Dinah has many women clients with fertility issues who got pregnant after 3 to 4 months, while women in menopause see their symptoms disappear in few months, including myself! The only thing you need is perseverance, but once you know the set it is really fun to practice.

Q: How many sessions would I need? 3 to 4 times/week at home, long-life!