Baby Yoga

Baby bodies are very flexible, they are the best yogis! Baby yoga is a continuation of baby massage, starting with gentle stretches. The stretches progress into playful yoga with an exploration of baby’s movements in different planes. This practice has existed in India for thousands of years. I am delighted to bring baby yoga to you. Moving and playing together through baby yoga is quality time.



Baby yoga allows exploring touch, movement, rhythms and the stillness of deep relaxation and offers many emotional, physical en developmental benefits. To name some: better bonding and positive communication between you and baby, tension release, pleasure and fun, increased blood flow, strengthening of the physical body, stimulation of all senses and relax together.

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First we settle ourselves into a relaxed mood by breathing in and out deeply few times. Once baby is happy and relaxed we begin with a simple dry massage, just a few basic strokes. While singing easy songs, we follow with a hip sequence, stretches, relaxed holds and walking, ending with relaxation.  And while baby is doing yoga, you do yoga at the same time.



COST: Private class in your home can be part of your postnatal package!



Q: Age of the baby? Starting from a few weeks after birth until they are too mobile to enjoy the class.

Q: How long does it last? Baby yoga can take few minutes to half an hour or more, depending on baby’s mood. Baby should not be too tired or hungry. The group class takes 1 hour.

Q: Which clothes should we wear? Light clothing, long or short pants for yourself. Baby has light clothing as well or is naked with a nappy only.

Q: Do I need yoga experience? No, your baby will be your teacher!

Q: How long to see benefits? With an open heart, energy flows and your baby will respond immediately. It is a beautiful interaction to witness. You only need a few sessions to acquire a routine and become confident.