Baby Swimming

Besides baby massage and baby yoga, baby swimming is an ideal opportunity to bond with your baby. I highly recommend to teach your baby to swim so he can feel safe in water and save himself from drowning.

I really love baby swimming as I love being in the water.

I cherish the memory from Cambodia of an English dad and an Asian mom who could not swim. The dad was very convinced his baby would swim at 1 year of age, they came to the weekly class. This water baby swam alone on his first birthday and the mom was so proud and happy, she wanted me to teach her too. Amazingly the family dynamics changed in a very positive way.

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  • 1 Babies love to swim! Newborns are born swimmers as they spend 9 months in the water of the womb. They can swim long before they walk. Swimming is one of the most sophisticated brain functions the baby has at birth. Allowing your baby to develop those innate skills is helping your baby to reach high levels of physical, intellectual and social abilities.
  • 2 Water is also therapeutic; babies with special needs will take advantage of the buoyancy of water to explore movement easily.


Before swimming make sure baby is fed and well rested. We follow a sequence: cuddling, balancing on the stomach, floating on the back, blowing bubbles, bobbing up and down and holding the breath, 1-2-3 under, holding onto the side, always ending with lots of kisses and hugs.

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COST:  private session is 60 Euro/1 hour. Welcome to invite more parents and babies and share the fees!

LOCATION: To be confirmed for group class or in your pool for a private session.


Q: How long is a session? The class is 1 hour; in the pool we spend 30 min.

Q: Can my partner take the class? Yes sure. It will give you some time for yourself while it is a great opportunity for your partner to bond with baby.

Q: How old is my baby? Ideally we start at 1 month but in group class we rather allow babies from 3 months to 1 year.

Q: What should we wear? Baby has swimming diaper, swimsuit, and cap and sunblock. You have swim suit, cap and sunblock.

Q: Do I need experience in swimming? Preferably, but not necessary as we go in non deep water.

Q: How long does it take to see benefits? The more you practice together, the quicker you both become confident. Remember baby has innate swim skills!

Q: How many sessions would I need? Once a week minimum, more is better. You can also practice in the bath in your house.