Baby Massage

Baby massage is a very common ritual in many cultures. Besides breastfeeding, baby massage is the best way to satisfy the essential need of touch between baby and parent. Touch allows your baby to grow and to feel safe. Every parent can massage a baby, but learning a few skills to develop a routine will be very helpful.

I am delighted to bring Shantala baby massage to you. I have witnessed beautiful sessions with mom or dad massaging the baby. It is an interplay that can be deeply touching to watch.

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  • 1 It is a unique moment of relaxation for you and baby in the busy days of early postpartum. Massage creates a bond between you and baby and you learn to understand baby’s cues.
  • 2 Massage stimulates blood circulation and makes muscles and joints supple.
  • 3 It helps with digestion and belly cramps.
  • 4 It is good for the skin and stimulates sensory consciousness.
  • 5 After the massage and bath, baby can sleep deeply relaxed.


You sit on the bed with stretched legs and massage the baby on your legs. Typical for the Shantala baby massage is the rhythmic character with a touch varying from soft to stronger. Starting by breathing deeply few times bringing yourself in a relaxed state. Using almond, sesame, or olice oil, we stroke the chest, then diagonal, and continue with arms, belly, legs, back and face. We end with few stretches and exercises for baby, baby yoga. Each movement is done 3 times. A handout is provided.

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COST:  Private sessions in your home can be part of a postnatal package



Q: How long is a session? The massage itself takes about 15 minutes.

Q: Where does it happen? In a group class or private session in your home.

Q: Which clothes do I wear? Short or long pants. The baby is naked with a nappy under the buttocks, lying on a towel on your stretched legs.

Q: When can we start? In India, Shantala baby massage is done from the first day of life.

Q: Until what age can I massage my baby? Until baby starts rolling over, usually around 4 months. Older babies can still benefit from a sitting massage.

Q: How long to see benefits? The first session is totally new for you and baby. Gradually you get used to each other, you are giving the touch while baby is receiving the touch. Once you both know the sequence and are more confident and relaxed, it is great quality time together.

Q: How many sessions would I need? It takes a few sessions to become confident.