Ayurveda Food & Lifestyle

Ayurveda describes in a very detailed way the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects necessary for health and wellbeing. Therefore it is the most holistic health system in the world. Nowadays, Ayurveda is a relevant health system with evidence based practices, recognized by the World Health Organization and with training centres and clinics all over the world.

Ayurveda is a combination of science and philosophy originated in India and considered as the oldest medical system in the world. The Sanskrit word AYUS means Life and VID is Science/Knowledge, or the Science of Life. The RISHI’S (wise men) in old India studied life and questioned the secrets of health and disease. They organized their knowledge, experience and observations in the VEDA’s, the sacred Hindou books and called the system AYURVEDA.

Ayurveda states that everything in the universe, both inside and outside of the body - in the body, as well as in food, minerals, plants etc. - consists of FIVE ELEMENTS. These five elements are ETHER, AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH. Thus the outer universe can be found in the inner universe.

The five elements manifest themselves in the human body through the TRI DOSHA, the three bio-energies VATA, PITTA and KAPHA. These doshas are the functional areas of the human body and always form a relationship that is unique to each individual. The 3 doshas determine the constitution at conception, the physique, certain characteristics and behaviours, and also the predisposition to illness.

The ayurvedic art of living is to maintain the unique dosha ratio in the body and thus maintain health. Disease, on the other hand, always goes back to disturbance that becomes visible in an imbalance in one or more doshas.



According to Ayurveda, a person is healthy when following conditions are present:

  • 1 The 3 dosha’s are in balance
  • 2 The 5 sense organs: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, function in a natural way
  • 3 The 7 dhatu’s (body tissues): plasma, blood, muscles, fat, bones, nerves, hormonal tissue; function properly
  • 4 The 3 mala’s (waste products): urine, sweat, stool are excreted naturally
  • 5 The srota’s (body channels) are free for energy to flow through
  • 6 The agni (the metabolic fire) is healthy and appetite is healthy
  • 7 Body, mind and spirit are in harmony.
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Ayurveda attaches great importance to daily life rituals, high quality food corresponding to the dosha type of the individual, a positive view of life and inner spiritual balance. Ayurveda therapies include panchakarma (detox), medicinal herbs, various types of massage and use of medicated oils, marma therapy, rasayana (rejuvenation therapy), dinacharya (daily life program ) and ritucharya (seasonal habits).

Therefore Ayurveda is a holistic health science considering body, mind and spirit of each of us individually.

I am delighted to bring my knowledge and experience of Ayurveda to you. Thanks to Ayurveda, today I experience better health. I got rid of 43 years of migraine and unhealthy food habits and I developed a conscious understanding and love for my body/mind functioning.


Ayurveda will help you understand how you are functioning as an unique being on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. If there is disease created by unhealthy lifestyle, habits or foods; insights from Ayurveda will help you to become conscious about the patterns. And once you are conscious, you can change them and go back to your original health. Because the body always wants to return tothe blueprint of health.


Ayurveda treats the imbalances, not the symptoms. The treatments can consists of daily rituals, body detox and purification, medicinal herbs, foods according to the body type, massages with medicated oils, yoga and other forms of movement.

First we look at your unique body type with the help of a questionnaire related to digestion, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual habits. Soon your body type will show up. You will feel relief to find answers to questions lingering in your mind for so long. After the first session where your constitution is determined, we decide about treatment related to food and lifestyle to restore the imbalances.




COST: a private session is 70 Euro/1:30 hour.

LOCATION: In your home, or another location agreed upon.

Group workshops  See the events calendar page for details.

🥑🌸🍄🌴 Workshop 1: Introduction to Ayurveda & my body type

Ayurveda, science of life, sister science of Yoga

  • Ayurveda and the goals of life
  • Ayurvedic principles: the 5 elements (Mahabhutas), the 20 qualities (Gunas), the 3 energies (Doshas) VATA, PITTA, KAPHA
  • Define my constitution/body type
  • Vata mind and body, Pitta mind and body, Kapha mind and body
  • Prepare ayurvedic breakfast

🥑🌸🍄🌴 Workshop 2: Balanced health & ill-health/dis-ease

Health and Illness, the origins of dis-ease

  • Ayurvedic principles: 7 tissues (Dhatus), 3 waste products (Malas), digestive fire (Agni), toxic waste, (Ama), immunity (Ojas)
  • Pacify vata
  • Pacify pitta
  • Pacify kapha
  • Strengthen agni
  • Cook a basic detox meal Kitcharee

🥑🌸🍄🌴 Workshop 3: Ayurvedic lifestyle & body care

Creating, achieving, expanding a healthy lifestyle

  • Phases of life
  • Seasonal routine, Ritucharya
  • Daily routine, Dinacharya
  • The ayurvedic clock
  • Body care
  • Self massage or Abhyanga
  • Detoxification cure Pancha Karma, rejuvenation cure Rasayana
  • Rest
  • Physical activity or Yoga for Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  • Breathing or Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Enjoy herbal steam tent and self massage with warm oil


Q: How long does it take to see benefits? Once the imbalances due to food and unhealthy lifestyle are corrected, the balance in the doshas will return and the body will heal. Changes in food and habits bring immediate relief for digestion.

Q: How many sessions would I need? 2 to 3 sessions to set you on the path of a conscious lifestyle. While the first session is 1.5 hours, follow-up sessions can be 1 hour.