Aqua Yoga for Pregnancy

At birth, we start carrying the weight of gravity on our shoulders, but in water, we are free again as if we are in the womb. So let us enjoy this freedom, with the baby inside as if we are back in our mother’s womb!

Bangkok with its warm water pools offers a unique womb-like medium for exercising the body.

I am delighted to bring aquanatal yoga to you. I LOVE water and swimming! Let’s enjoy exercising in the water with your baby in your womb!

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aquanatal yoga2
aqua yoga for pregnancy


  • 1 Water is the source of life on Earth. Water is therapeutic and it is an ideal medium for yoga, allowing stretching and breathing so much more easily than on land. Floating relaxation brings us in harmony with the nature elements, reducing anxiety and stress. Aquanatal yoga has also psychological benefits, surely during the emotional roller-coaster that is part of pregnancy.
  • 2 The buoyancy of the water gives support and allows an increased range of movement, especially the hip-opening exercises. While stretching, floating, walking, playing combined with breathing, you prepare to open the body for birth. You might even decide to have a water birth. Once you have tasted aquanatal yoga, than postnatal water yoga and baby swimming is only a few months away! Aqua yoga is also a great opportunity to bond with your partner.


The sequence of a class is as following: warm up exercises, aerobic curve, muscular strength and endurance exercises, cooling down and finally relaxation and revitalization.

The class in the water lasts 45 minutes, with dressing up before and after it takes 1 hour. But 45 minutes water exercises is similar to 90 minutes floor exercises.



 COST: 60 Euro for 1 hour private class in your pool.

LOCATION: in your pool.


Q: Which clothes do I wear? A bathing suit or bikini, eventually swimwear that covers the arms, a cap, sunglasses, sun block.

Q: Do I have to be flexible? No, flexibility will come gradually.

Q: Do I need experienced in yoga? Not really.

Q: Do I need experienced in swimming? Preferably. If you cannot swim, you can practice in shallow water or along the side of the pool.  For sure we can practice breathing out in the water with the mouth under water.

Q: How long does it take to see benefits? Immediate during the session itself.

Q: How many yoga sessions would I need? Surely once a week, if you have your own pool, daily exercises are a plus.