Online ZOOM classes of prenatal yoga, postnatal breathing with baby massage, child birth education, hypnobirthing. I love to support your holistic wellbeing while you are away from your roots and stuck at home.

With Corona Virus in the air, i invite you to join me online for prenatal yoga, postnatal breathing and baby massage, hypnobirthing and Birth Prep classes.

Going through life as an expat comes along with challenges. One day we are in awe for all the amazing experiences in the new country we call home. The next day, we are faced with cross cultural (mis)communication and our words are understood differently. This might come along with some frustration and peaking stress levels.

I am an expat mom from Belgium, based in Bangkok. I am a midwife, yoga teacher, massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, hypnobirthing instructor and ayurveda lifestyle and food consultant. I have lived in SE Asia since 1996, working in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. I love the culture and speak the languages. I gave birth to my son in 2002 in Bangkok. Birthing and bringing up a child is a just another chapter where you face these cross cultural differences. I missed so much the support from home. But it was my source of inspiration to set up my practice of holistic support where I meet you today. My travels allowed me to experience different cultures.

What I bring you today is the dynamic blend of 35 years of gathered knowledge and experience, from the medical western world and the rich traditional practices I witnessed in SE Asia and Africa. Wherever you are on your journey through life, I like to offer support in a holistic way with yoga, massage, ayurvedic food and lifestyle consult, craniosacral therapy and pre-peri and postnatal support. So that you can relax and grow in your new home. I like to share with you all the tools I have learned so that you can feel at ease and enjoy your health fully or embark on a conscious journey of self-healing.

Ultimately I would love to see you happy, healthy and whole in this country you call home, away from your roots.

Krist'l D'haene

Certified Nurse Midwife, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Hormone Yoga Therapist, Aquanatal Yoga Teacher, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Ayurveda Food & Lifestyle and Ayurveda Massage Therapist.

Krist'l D'Haene